12 New Camouflage styles from Carhartt available at Dungarees.net

This entry is from Carhartt’s Blog.  All of these Camouflage styles will be available at Dungarees.net


You asked for it and we’re delivering. We’ve had many customer requests to add more camouflage styles to our line. For Fall 2009, we’ve added 12 new WorkCamo® styles including overalls, jackets, hats, t-shirts, a sweatshirt and pants. We’ve selected some of the best camouflage in the business for our new styles; the RealTree® AP HD® pattern.

“We chose the RealTree® AP HD® pattern because it has all the necessary elements that make a versatile and effective camo,” said Jim Howard, senior product manager for Carhartt men’s apparel. “It’s very realistic. We like that it has a neutral, open feel to it. “

The RealTree® AP HD® pattern is printed with a high definition printing process to hold its contrast through real-life conditions. When creating the pattern, RealTree® considered the effects of outdoor life and regular washing and found a balance that will result in a long-lasting, effective pattern.

“RealTree® makes durable camo and that’s essential to us at Carhartt. We don’t produce a style unless it stands up to intensive strength testing,” said Howard. “It’s important to us that our customers are getting the most value for their money. We make our products to last through multiple seasons.”



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  1. dungareesnet


    We are only a retailer of Carhartt, we do not make the decisions as to what colors and styles they carry. I assume you are referring to the Carhartt Brown, I’m not sure why they decided to discontinue it.


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