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How to waterproof your Carhartt Jacket

If you are like most Carhartt jacket owners, then you will want to make sure your Carhartt jacket last as long as possible. Waterproofing your jacket will help the life of your jacket tremendously. There are two different ways we recommend, one being the simplest with a spray on waterproofing and the other being a waxing technique.
For the spray on, we recommend using scotchgard® which can be found at Walmart or any major hardware store. It is also available for purchase at http://www.scotchgard.com

For the waxing technique we have put together a step by step guide and a list of the items you will need to complete the process.

Items needed for the Waxing technique:
1. Your Carhartt Jacket
2. 2 cans of Filson’s Oil Finish Wax
3. 1 2” paint brush
4. Hair dryer
5. A heat source for melting your Filson’s Oil Finish Wax.

First you will want to purchase your wax. We recommend Filson’s Oil Finish Wax which can be found at http://www.filson.com/products/filson-s-oil-finish-wax.69033.html

Next you will want to melt your wax. Heat your wax until it is completely solidified. You can do this with a butter warmer, microwave (remove wax from metal tin and place in ceramic dish/bowl) or in a double boiler.

Once your wax is completely solidified, lay your Carhartt jacket on a flat surface. We recommend laying an old towel under your jacket to prevent any wax from getting on anything you don’t want it on. Then take your paint brush and dip it in the wax spreading it as fast and as evenly as possible starting with the back of your jacket followed by the sleeves and front. You will probably end up with the wax being thicker in some parts, but don’t worry, we can fix this!

Once you have coated your entire jacket, take your hair dryer and paint brush and reheat the areas with excessive wax and use your paint brush to redistribute the wax. Be sure to get all of the seams on your jacket!
Sandstone Jacket
And that’s it! You can now enjoy your waterproof jacket for years before having to repeat this process.