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New Styles Available at Dungarees.net!

New Carhartt ProductsIsn’t it a little early for Carhartt’s New Fall Clothing?  Well probably, but since we have it in stock already we wanted to make it available to our customers.  And being the trend-setters that we are, Dungarees.net might be the only place you can find it for a while. For the most part only Outerwear and Hats have arrived, but more is sure to come very shortly.  So, what has Carhartt added to their already stellar line this year?  Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights.

Men’s Jackets & Coats

The theme of the new jackets this year is definitely “Worn Duck”, which is kind of a mixture between Carhartt’s sandstone & their stiffer duck fabrics.  Not too stiff & not too soft is the best way to explain it.  Below are a few examples of the new Worn Duck fabric that has been applied to already historically popular styles.  There also will be several other styles including the J140 Blaze Orange that will finally be available for retailers to sell.  We know this will be a top-seller for sure, perfect for hunting season.


Hats, Hats & More Hats.

Lots of new stocking caps will be available.  One hat that stands out above the rest is the Carhartt Wetzel Watch Hat.  The warmth of this hat will make your body heat shutter at the thought of even attempting to escape through your head.  A nice selection of new women’s hats & colors will be sure to please as well.

Other Men’s Highlights

Slowly but surely, Carhartt is starting to add more and more to their Hi-vis line.  Jackets & matching pants that meet hi-vis standards with reflective taping will be a great addition to their line.  As far as sweatshirts go, the Allerton Sweatshirt looks like it could be really popular.  It has a great combination of style & functionality with it’s wind-resistant, water repellent shell.  The worn duck fabric won’t just be for coats, and will be brought into the vest line with the RNV01.

Carhartt For Women

Lots of great, new options for you Carhartt-lovin’ women out there.  You’ll see a great selection of new coats, vests and hats, very similar to the men’s.  Being a few years into the women’s line now, we think Carhartt is really starting to see what works and working with the great feedback they’ve gotten.  We really think you’re going to love the new line.

That’s about it for what we have in so far.  We expect the new shirts & knits to start rolling in throughout July and most of the accessories and kids items will start to become available in probably August & September.

And don’t forget, Dungarees offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $55 to the contiguous US.

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Carhartt Lining Guide

Brushed Polyester Mesh (Warm)

Lightweight 100% polyester mesh. Featured in: Carhartt J360

Mesh Lining (Warm)

Lightweight 100% polyester mesh. Featured in: Carhartt B216, C72, J162

Thermal Lining (Warm)

Warm and lightweight 100% polyester thermal weave. Featured in: Carhartt J25, J131, J220

Nylon Quilt Lining (Warmer)

Nylon taffeta quilted to lightweight polyester fill. Featured in: Carhartt  R02, R27, R38, R41, R45, X01

Nylon Quilt Lining (Warmer)

Nylon taffeta quilted to lightweight polyester fill. Featured in: Carhartt J175

Sherpa Lining (Warmer)

45% acrylic and 55% polyester high loft fleece. Featured in: Carhartt C61, C95, J141, J233, J284, J292, J297, V26, V33

Blanket Lining (Warmer)

Blended acrylic and polyester in stripes or plaid. Featured in: Carhartt C001, C02, J001, J97

Arctic Quilt Lining (Warmest)

Nylon taffeta quilted to heavyweight, high-loft polyester batting. Featured in: Carhartt C003, C26, C55, J002, J22, J133, R03, R33, V01, V02, WC026, X02, X06

Quilted Flannel Lining (Warmest)

Brushed polyester tricot quilted to midweight polyester batting. Featured in: J13, J14, J130, J140, J221, WJ130